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Perris Swiss Laboratory  97% NATURAL ORIGIN Visage

ACQUA DI PARMA Corps et Cheveux

Perris Swiss Laboratory  97% NATURAL ORIGIN Visage

ACQUA DI PARMA Corps et Cheveux


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  • Perris Swiss Laboratory


    Skin Fit Youth is a collection of innovative fragrance-free products targeted to restore skin’s balance and help to prevent the first signs of aging while keeping the health and wellbeing of the skin.

    While Skin Fit Youth is the product of advanced technology, it is nonetheless formulated from natural ingredients and materials free of toxins .This combination of pharmaceutical expertise and chemical purity (natural, clean) is the foundation to healthy youthful skin. Dermatologist tested and certified by Skineco.

    Our products are packaged in recyclable materials in keeping with our overall eco-friendly mission of health and beauty.

    *Skineco: is an international and multidisciplinary association dedicated to the study of dermatological issues in relation to the conditions of the planet, founded on the conviction that science can do much to improve the conditions of the environment in which we live, also in relation to the health of the "skin universe"

    Perris Swiss Laboratory belongs to the Perris Group – a global beauty enterprise founded by Michele Perris in 1981. The enterprise trades in more than 37 countries worldwide and specializes in premium and niche market products

  • Les soins Acqua Di Parma

    Corps : Gel douche, Crème corps, Lait pour le corps, Déodorants

    Cheveux : Gel douche et shampooing,  shampooing éclaircissant

    Soins mains : Savons, Crèmes


    Produits vendus uniquement en magasin 

    Nous consulter au 05 49 24 52 87 pour connaitre la disponibilité.

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Résultats 1 - 5 sur 5.