List of products by brand Alyssa Ashley

Innovative  perfumes perpetuating the heritage of its creator.

The ALYSSA ASHLEY brand was created from the fantasy of a contemporary artist in the United States during the fabulous 60s, Enrico Donati (02.1909-04.2008).

In addition to expressing his talent in painting, he devotes a lot of time and energy to his passion for perfumes. The name of the brand was born from the combination of the name of his youngest daughter "ALYSSA" and the nickname He lovingly gave her "Ashley" for her light blonde hair: ALYSSA ASHLEY.

The ALYSSA ASHLEY brand represents its heritage: Innovative and technically advanced fragrances with a young spirit. Eau de toilette for women, for men or to share, are made from quality ingredients and sophisticated formulas, and are to be discovered.

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