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The perfumes of Captain fawcett, original British brand.

1905. Captain Peabody Fawcett RN, intrepid and eminent Edwardian explorer disappears while sailing towards the source of the Oubangui, a major tributary of the Congo River.

No trace is ever found of his expedition ...

In 1997, a British man bought an old trunk at a liquidation sale. Once brought home and its locks forced... Incredible! Between the various decaying contents and mold here and there, appears a toiletry bag containing ointments, ointments, balms as well as the logbook of the missing adventurers.

Among the many tales of bravery, where everyone must "keep a stiff upper lip, in any situation", are scattered lists of exotic ingredients meticulously detailed, in order to satisfy the particular preparation of the Captain's toiletries.

These precise formulas have been faithfully followed to reproduce Fawcett's original potions, as well as his world-famous mustache wax.

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